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October 15, 2009

Blogging and so much more

Blogging and so much more
After procrastinating for so many months, I’ve decided to blog about anything and everything under the sun.In fact, there’s so much to write about the happenings in my life and around me,my experiences and opinions about life in general.After having lived in the United Arab Emirates for 23 years and moving to the United States after getting married has been an experience.Marriage, in itself, as I’m sure all the married people out there would know is a totally new experience.
One of the main reasons why I’ve started blogging is to get connected with people to share ideas and look at their perspectives about stuff.Also, I love making friends and having a great time with people.And I really do not  believe in restricting my friend’s circle to my kind/nationality.Again, this could be attributed to my growing up in the Middle East where you meet and interact with people from everywhere.Also, my culinary experiments in my multi cultural cuisine has attracted me to various blogs and to the fine art of blogging.During my one year as a bride with zero culinary skills, I have many times referred to well established cooking blogs like zaiqa,anjums rasoi,arabic bites,passionate about baking and such to save me from cooking a disastrous meal.
I’ve considered a journal or an online blog/journal to write down my thoughts and views since a long time.So here it goes and I hope I stick to blogging.
Cheers to blogging and a big hi to all the bloggers out there 😀

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