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October 19, 2009

The Body Shop

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We headed straight to The Body Shop to get some skin care protection for the winter.The consultant was really helpful.They also have useful pamphlets which guide you on how to choose the right skin care for your skin.Anyway, since mine is a normal to combination skin, I chose the vitamin E product.And now I’ve got myself a vitamin E intense moisturizing cream,a vitamin E cleanser and a vitamin E mist spray.The spray is used anytime of the day when the skin feels dry.It can also be used to set make up.I can’t wait to try that one.While in the UAE, I had an Evian spray which was just so refreshing.I have tried to look it up in so many stores but haven’t found any.Oh well now I have the bodyshop spray.  



pr_vitamin_e_cream_cleanser2      There’s a buy 2 get 1 free offer on all the face care product.Plus, if you have the body shop card, you are entitled to another 10 % off.So that was a pleasant surprise.Also, the store has an upcoming event, the customer appreciation day where all products are sold at 25% of the regular price.I’m not sure about the date of the event.

So far, it all looks good.My skin feels really pampered and plump after using the facewash.I have yet to notice the difference on using the cream.The spray too does wonders to the skin.You could spray it whenever and within a few minutes the skin gets a velvety feel.I’m gonna be trying all the products for another week or so until I give my final review on the products.

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